The Salvation Army’s services of evangelism and social action began in East London, England in 1865 by Methodist minister William Booth and his wife Catherine. The Booths’ desire to share the Gospel took shape amidst a city groaning with poverty and despair. They quickly set aside their conventional church methods to meet the people where they lived and toiled – on the streets. Their socially-conscience work was aggressive and innovative, going where few churches were willing or able to venture.

In the 1880s, the movement spread across the ocean to America, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa and India – including the start of The Salvation Army Heartland Division, (of which Iowa City is a part) in 1886. Today, The Salvation Army serves in more than 120 countries and territories and preaches the gospel in 160 languages. Since 1988, The Salvation Army has been at work in Johnson County, applying the same principles as William and Catherine Booth did over 150 years ago in England.

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