Many people see The Salvation Army only as red kettles at Christmas time or a place to drop off used clothing. But, at its very heart, The Salvation Army is a Christian church.The Salvation Army is a Christian ministry that provides services to anyone regardless of religion, beliefs or lack thereof. We are called to serve in Christ’s name without discrimination and value each person as God’s creation who is loved beyond measure. 

We believe our faith calls us to roll up our sleeves and get to work – to meet the material and emotional needs of a person before we can minister to them spiritually. That’s why our Corps Community Centers are not only places of Sunday worship for a regular community of believers, but also places that offer social services and community programs to those in need.

The Salvation Army of Johnson County Corps will commit to being both salt and light to the community of Johnson County by seeking to meet human needs, both spiritually and physically, with unconditional love and without discrimination. Through the spiritual education and application of God’s Word, we will proclaim The Gospel to all people & embrace the universal Christian church community, endeavoring to foster diversity in our worship and our outreach. We will be guided by God’s love; desiring to change and strengthen lives with the power and blood of Jesus Christ.