There are a variety of ways to help The Salvation Army in Johnson County fulfill its mission to help those in need.

It is remarkable the good that just one volunteer can do for a person, a family, or even a whole community.

The rewards of volunteering can be immense for both the volunteer and for those on the receiving end. Your donation of time, talents and hard work given with a kind-hearted attitude can produce amazing results. This volunteer support enables us to utilize our funding to provide services that are designed to meet the needs of our community. This support is invaluable.

The Salvation Army offers volunteer opportunities for individuals as well as opportunities for group projects. Independent volunteering is a great way to meet new people while helping others, and group projects serve as wonderful team-building activities for established groups or clubs.

Our partners are corporate, church, civic and community groups who support The Salvation Army of Johnson County. They are allies with the Army in its fight against poverty, hunger, homelessness and addiction, and in its efforts to rescue those who are victims of disaster.

These "special forces" send in reinforcements in terms of volunteers who stand shoulder to shoulder with Army personnel. They also provide supplies needed on various fronts through in-kind donations, or they contribute financially to buy necessary materials.

Click here to find out our Volunteer Opportunities or call (319) 337-3725!

Whatever you do to help us help others is appreciated- Thank You!